We’ve been designing, specifying and installing office furniture for more than 20 years.   Whether its forming part of our fit out or refurbishment projects or a separate requirement, our furniture specialists have the hands-on experience and knowledge to help.

We offer a completely tailored service, including furniture consultancy, storage audits, office ergonomics, furniture procurement, supply and move management.  We work with the world’s leading office furniture manufacturers and secure industry leading dealer rates to pass on the best possible value to our clients.

We aren’t just here to sell you new furniture.  If we think there is life still left in the product cycle of your seating, desking and storage, we’ll always recommend reusing it and if it can’t be reused, we can have it ethically recycled on your behalf.

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Furniture in the Agile Workplace


As the modern office evolves, the greatest changes can be seen in the styles of furniture which are emerging in the workplace.

Whilst workstation footprints have generally reduced in size and standardised in shape, with rectangular desks becoming the norm, the real change has emerged with the rise of ‘social space’.

These areas ‘away from the desk’ allow people to eat, drink, work, meet and collaborate with colleagues and visitors, or to work in isolation away from the distraction of the traditional open-plan environment.    External influences from coffee shops, hotels, and university campuses have converged into workplace design, creating a more relaxed feel, allowing people to work more flexibly from mobile devices.

We understand how bewildering new work methods can be to some business owners.  Our furniture and design experts are here to help.