Our talented in-house office design studio team are the heartbeat of our business.  With their finger on the pulse of all the latest workplace design trends and an acute understanding of how to translate requirements and wishes into reality, our office design team collaborate so closely with our clients they effectively become members of their project team.

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Biophilic Design in your office can make a big difference to staff morale not only by their aesthetics, but they can also improve the overall air quality and smell. The many benefits of plants in the workplace have long been overlooked.  Not only do plants bring rich shades of green to the workplace, but they also help reduce stress levels in employees, , convey a positive brand image and massively improve air quality. Check out our blog about the Benefits of Biophilic Design by clicking on the image below.

Office Design Biophillic Trees in Offices

Our office designers visit workplaces around the UK to survey and measure space, conduct feasibility studies, produce 2D CAD designs and 3D visuals. They can then create CGI walkthroughs and  stunning mood boards to help the client visualise how their completed office layout will look.

The relationship between the office design and the office culture of a business has grown much closer in recent years.   Our team are branding experts, who ensure the design reflects the culture perfectly.  

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Even when the project moves from the office design to the delivery stage, our designers remain an integral part of the process, holding the client’s hand and ensuring they understand the vision and that our contracting team is adhering to the design.

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Caunton Engineering
First Response


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The Impact of Good Office Design


A well-designed workplace is now essential to the success of a progressive business.

As many companies around Manchester are proving, a modern office design helps to attract, retain and motivate a talented workforce. It stimulates and focuses employees, improves collaboration and empowers them to work more freely, away from their desks. This impacts productivity and efficiency, which improves the performance of the business.

Whilst more business owners are gradually understanding the importance of a well designed, modern office and workplace, to others, it can seem a daunting proposition.  Our office designers are on hand to show you its not all about pool, ping pong tables, slides and coffee shop spaces. It’s about creating an office space which works purely for the needs of your business, reflects your culture and makes work enjoyable and productive for all.

Take a look at our Smartsearch Office Design Case Study below to see how it has helped them:

Office Design Case Study Smartsearch

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