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Orangebox Launches the Seren Chair

04.02.2014|By Andrew Jackson

Following on from the success of the revolutionary 'Do' task chair, Orangebox has released their latest offering, Seren.


Seren builds on the success of 'Do' by sharing the same philosophy, this time in a fully upholstered, rather than mesh fabric.

As shared workspaces become more common, chairs have to become more versatile and easily adaptable to multiple users.   Orangebox has turned traditional thinking on it's head. Rather than make a chair tailored to one individual, with multiple buttons, often requiring user training, they've stripped back the complex adjustments to make the chair tactile and simple to use.

A weight balancing mechanism is employed to deliver the right amount of resistance to whoever sits in the chair.   The controls which are there are clearly labelled and easy to use.

As with all Orangebox products, the great functionality is combined with attractive looks.  Like the Do chair before it, the Seren as the name suggests, is something of serene beauty.



The Seren has impeccable environmental credentials too.  Reducing the number of working parts, coupled with sourcing components as locally as possible (38% of components are sourced within 10 miles of Orangebox's factory) helps to minimise 'product miles' and reduce the chair's environmental impact.

For more information about the Seren range of chairs, visit www.orangebox.com or contact us to arrange a demonstration.