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Go Digital!

28.01.2014|By Andrew Jackson

Fed up of magnolias, whites and insipid, bland wallcovering? Opus 4 has teamed up with Tektura - the UK's market leading wallcovering manufacturer and pioneer of digital wallcovering - to breathe life back into your workspace.


Digital wallcovering allows you to project any supplied image, artwork or photography onto fire rated, contract wallcovering. The only limit to what's possible is your imagination! Whether it's a cityscape, skyline, a sea view, company logo or product portfolio, the image is printed onto wallcovering rolls to suit any shape or size.

The results are impressive and completely bespoke. They make an ideal backdrop behind a reception desk, or a striking feature wall to a boardroom or meeting room suite.

Find out more by following the link: http://www.tektura.com/digital/