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From Fit-Out to Flat Out!

28.01.2014|By Andrew Jackson

Opus 4 has a new addition to the team, in the shape of our beautiful 1989 Mk II Golf GTI!  We haven't been sad enough to name her yet, but we know she is definitely a girl and we get that shiver of anticipation each time she starts up.

We decided to take the guys from Hellerman Tyton to a track day at Oulton Park to put the Golf through her paces.  All was going well as she flew round the twists and turns of the demanding Cheshire circuit.

Disaster struck when a plucky client - you know who you are! - managed to spin the car at the notorious Druids Corner.  The  Golf can be temperamental when she wants to be and decided she wasn't going to start up again, bringing the afternoon session to a shuddering halt.

After being towed back to the garage and despite the best efforts of the Hellerman boys (and the worse efforts from the clueless Opus team) our girl had decided to call it a day!

We said we hadn't been sad enough to name her yet, so maybe you can help us out.  If you can think of a name for the Golf, drop us a line.

Check our news section for regular updates on our Mk II.