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Office Chairs 2014 - 6 of the Best

13.06.2014|By Andrew Jackson

We’re taking a look at some of our favourite office chairs available today. The selection are all affordable, stylishly designed, functional, ergonomic and eco-friendly – everything you should look for in a good office chair.


Humanscale Diffrient World Chair


The Diffrient World takes the concept of mesh seating one step further, with a fully mesh seat and back design. More than just a clever play on words, the chair bears the name of its creator, Niels Diffrient. A pioneer of ergonomic seating, he was recognised with a Lifetime Contribution to Design gong at the FX Awards in 2012.


Humanscale Diffrient World Chair


The chair is certainly different – it has no mechanism to speak of. Instead, it features an innovative reclining action, which leverages two parts of the chair’s frame to provide automatic, balanced support. When combined with Humanscale’s class leading mesh, which hugs the body, eliminating contact stress under the thighs and supporting the back, you have a simple, intuitive sitting experience.



We Like: The simple, beautiful design of the Diffrient World makes it feel like the iPhone 5s of office seating.

Ergohuman by Mesh Seating


The Ergohuman chair is one of the most striking office chairs you will see. It’s been designed with three main purposes in mind: to simplify the user experience, to provide unparalleled levels of comfort over sustained periods of time and to be eco-friendly in its life cycle.

Whether it’s used by multiple people in a call centre environment, or a single user, the Ergohuman has an ingenious single lever control system which operates the three most frequently used chair functions (seat height, depth and back tilt).




Regardless of body size, the chair feels very comfortable to sit in. The high grade technical mesh provides breathability and contoured back support, and the height adjustable, pivoting headrest gives full cranial support.

The Ergohuman is kind to the environment too, with 97% recyclability and Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification for low emitting products.


We Like: Stylish aesthetics, bright green, orange and red mesh finishes.


Mereo by RH Chairs


The Mereo is another ‘one chair fits all’ model, designed to be a versatile all-rounder, which turns the reactive model of ergonomic seating on its head. The Mereo is a working tool – designed to improve your performance and help you work better. The thinking from RH is if everyone had a chair that performed as it should, it would reduce bad back complaints, absenteeism and improve productivity in the workplace.


RH Mereo


The Mereo began as a collaboration between RH Chairs – a long-time global leader in ergonomic seating, and the award-winning Scandinavian design agency, Veryday – the team behind the audacious Koenigsegg supercar.

The Mereo embraces RH’s ‘2PP Philosophy’. The hips and the knees are the two articulation points which are used when we sit on an office chair. By creating a chair with the action points in these areas, it helps the body maintain a healthier upright posture, following the natural ‘S-curve’ contour of the back. Whilst sitting for prolonged periods is unnatural, it is proven that sitting in this postured way, is much better for the human body.


We Like: Easy to use, Scandinavian design and a class leading 10 year warranty.


SAYL by Hermann Miller


Hermann Miller has forged a worldwide reputation for producing innovative office seating. Although the SAYL was launched in 2010, and was revolutionary in its design and approach, it hasn’t lost its relevance in today’s marketplace.

When developing the SAYL, Hermann Miller turned to the San Franciscan designer Yves Béhar and he turned to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge for inspiration. Just like the bridge, the SAYL has a central suspension tower, supporting a flexible elastomer material, which stretches to provide maximum tension where the back needs supporting most, and less tension where more flexibility is needed for greater natural movement.




The simplistic design means far fewer components are used compared to a traditional chair. Hermann Miller was the first to adopt this notion, but the de-materialisation of chairs has now been embraced by most of the major seating manufacturers around the world.


We Like: The natural sail shape of the back rest, inspired by the boats which sail under the Golden Gate Bridge.


Do by Orangebox


The do chair by Orangebox is the result of another manufacturer looking to do more with less. The ‘more’ in this case, is adjustability. The chair comfortably fits people of all shapes and sizes. The ‘less’ comes from the heavily reduced number of components in the manufacturing process. There are also less buttons and knobs on the chai itselfr, making it very simple to operate. Of course, less materials makes the chair lighter and also reduces its environmental impact.


Do by Orangeboz


The do offers limitless ways in which to customize the chair. There’s a choice of mesh back colours and five backrest upholstery plate finishes. This helps to make the do one of the best looking chairs available today – at a very affordable price.


do by orangebox


We Like: No back-lock, meaning the chair moves freely with you. The fact you can personalise the look of the do chair.


SoFi by HÅG


The SoFi is designed to be customised. The name is short for ‘Stand out. Fit in’ and with such a vast array of colours and combination, its up to you which of these you prefer to do.


sofi by hag


HÅG, a Scandinavian brand of repute, has long been at the forefront of ergonomic seating design. Their chairs are beautifully crafted, to intuitively move with your body. HÅG promotes the concept of ‘active sitting’. The idea is that from one, centrally placed tilting point, you have perfect balance. The seat will lower with you, as you lean forward towards your desk. When you lean back, the seat front rises, stimulating ankle movement.


HÅG has long been a market leader in producing sustainable office chairs. Indeed, the SoFi is the most sustainable task chair collection in the whole industry. It follows HÅG’s ‘5 basic priciples of sustainability: Low weight; few components; good materials, long lifetime and cradle to cradle closed lifecycles.


hag sofi


We Like: SoFi Is a tactile chair that encourages you to move as you work. Great innovation and Scandinavian style.