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12.02.2014|By Andrew Jackson

Polyflor – a market leader in commercial vinyl floor covering has released two exciting new products which shows safety flooring can also be stylish.

The safety flooring market has often been a common bug-bear of the commercial interior designer.  A legal necessity for hygiene clean environments such as hospitals and schools, or an important consideration for areas like busy receptions or bar/hotel entrances, they have suffered from poor designs, garish colours and limited styles.

Polyflor has addressed this by releasing two exciting new ranges, Expona Control and Polysafe Arena.  

Expona Control is a luxury vinyl tile (LVT) which is the first of its kind to offer sustainable slip resistance.  Polyflor’s LVTs raise the bar with high design aesthetics, authentic replications of natural wood and stone finishes married together with unrivalled safety credentials.


The slip resistance is created by running the aggregates through each individual wear layer of the tile rather than sprinkling them on the surface.  This ensures the slip resistance is fully sustainable throughout the life of the tile.


John Mellor, Marketing Manager for Polyflor UK says: “Expona Control’s prime function is to offer sustainable slip resistance with a palette of authentic and natural designs. The relationship between form and purpose – design and safety – is symbiotic. We recognise the importance of both areas, blending them together to solve a problem”.

Arena is the latest product from the Polysafe Collection.  A vinyl sheet product featuring the same impressive slip resistance credentials of Expona Control, it comes in four inspiring and contemporary design styles. Lines, fabrics, stones and concrete are all covered with three exciting finishes in each.


Above we have ‘Brushed Titanium’ from the Linear Design style.  This abstract collection of linear designs draws on the influences of brushed metal and natural grain.  This linear concept, prevalent in carpet tile designs for several years, now enables designers to tie in safety flooring with commercial carpeting, wallcovering and other architectural finishes , to provide a unique visual depth to the finished workspace.


Polysafe Arena is Ideal in large front-of-house reception areas, where heavy footfall can make the floor surface wet and hazardous, or general circulation areas or back of house areas where a durable, easy to clean hard surface might be favoured.

If you would like more information or product cards on Polyflor’s exciting new ranges, contact us now.