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12.02.2014|By Andrew Jackson

The open plan office is evolving.  Anyone who works in an open plan office will be familiar with the pitfalls:  concentrations levels are greatly affected by noise, distractions from our colleagues and a distinct lack of privacy, which can all impact your office culture.

Opus 4's leading office designers and manufacturers have been exploring ways to combat this.   Connection has pioneered the concept of The Liquid Workspace: the way in which innovative seating design can connect the first, second and third workspaces into a free-flowing, productive business environment.

The ‘third space’ concept is very much at the heart of open-plan’s need to evolve.  The third space is an area where workers can take time away from the multitude of distractions found at their work desk.  Less formal than a meeting room, more private and work-centric than a canteen area, the third space promotes agile, flexible working and can increase productivity levels in the workplace.

Acoustic seating is at the forefront of third space design.  Free standing, high back sofas offer agile working solutions, privacy and comfort.   The high backs significantly reduce sound transfer, making a third space environment an ideal location for a one to one meeting in a much more relaxed setting than the boardroom.  Equally, an external Sales Manager can comfortably spend a day in the office in a third space, bypassing the need for a work desk.

We take a look at five of our favourite acoustic seating ranges:

1.  ’Haven’ by Allermuir

Acoustic Office Seating Allermuir's 'Haven' range perfectly balances the functionality of acoustic seating with beautiful design. Third Space is the Place!
Allermuir’s ‘Haven’

Allermuir’s ‘Haven’ ranger perfectly combines the functionality of acoustic seating with beautiful design and exceptionally crafted build quality.  A modular range with a multitude of combinations, combining high back and low back sofas, stools and tables, it makes it easy to tailor a solution to the specific needs of a business.  The single seat, high back version shown here is idea for personal privacy and perfectly demonstrates why Allermuir calls the range ‘Haven’.

2. ‘HIve’ by Connection

Acoustic Office Furniture 'Hive3' by Connection, an integral part of their innovative 'Liquid Workspace' concept.
‘Hive3′ by Connection, an integral part of their innovative ‘Liquid Workspace’ concept.

‘Hive’ is another successful collaboration between Connection and award winning furniture designers Roger Web Associates. The mission statement was to create a flexible space for ‘collaboration, communication and concentration’.  As other manufacturers have cottoned on to the importance of acoustic seating and third space work areas, more stylish offerings have emerged.  But Connection were at the forefront of this new way of thinking.  Take a look at their Liquid Workspace concept and how they’re helping to shape the evolution of the open plan office:  http://www.connection.uk.com/products/liquid/

3. ‘Henray’ by Ocee Design

Acoustic Office Seating HenRay Location
HenRay offers unrivalled value without compromising on design.

HenRay is the newest range to the acoustic seating market.  Typically from Ocee, it offers excellent value for money at a price point it’s competitors can’t meet.  New  designer, Henry Gurney has crafted a range with sharp, contemporary lines that look excellent in two tone pure wool fabrics, such as Camira’s new Blazer Quilt fabric.

4. ‘Huddle’ by Frovi

Acoustic Office Furniture Huddle looks great in two-tone fabrics. Seats are deep-foamed for added comfort.
Huddle looks great in two-tone fabrics. Seats are deep-foamed for added comfort.

‘Huddle’ is a contemporary styled high back seating solution from Frovi.  With deep-foamed seats and angled high back, it offers excellent noise-cancelling properties, making it ideal for small one to one meetings or a quiet work retreat.   Opting for a base colour in Camira’s Blazer and using a brighter contrast colour for the seat and inner back and sides is a great way to suite in corporate colours or introduce something brighter to create added impact.

5. ‘Cwtch’ by Orangebox 

Acoustic Seating Who cares how you pronounce 'Cwtch' when it looks so inviting?
Who cares how you pronounce ‘Cwtch’ when it looks so inviting?

Welsh manufacturer Orangebox has turned to the Welsh language to inspire the name of it’s acoustic seating range.  According to Wales Online, cwtch, meaning ‘hug’ ‘is one of the nation’s favourite words, and symbolises that warm feeling that only closeness to a loved one can create’.  The stylish, elegant sofa embraces the occupier, creating privacy and comfort in equal measure.

If you’d like to know more about acoustic seating products and how they could transform your open plan workspace, get in touch.

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